Equipment Sales, Backup Services

Special! While they last: D-Link DI-604 Broadband Router (Recertified) 
Picture of DI-604 Router
$29.95 plus 6% Albany County sales tax
This is a wonderful little firewall router -- a must if you have broadband access and especially if you're using Microsoft Windows' built-in networking. Helps prevent hackers from accessing your data. Blocks "popup spam" and some Internet worms. Stops unnecessary traffic on your broadband connection. A complete Internet router for the price of a network switch or hub.

LARIAT.NET offers:
  • Hosting of Web sites, electronic mailboxes, and Internet domain names
  • Networking equipment (firewalls, UNIX servers, radio equipment) at aggressive prices
  • Network-based backups and archiving. Data is transmitted, in encrypted form (not readable by us), to our server for safekeeping in the event of an emergency
  • Business disaster recovery: We can provide Internet to most places in Laramie within 1-2 hours to replace a failed connection or help you resume business at a temporary location
  • Network consulting and design
  • UNIX server sales, design, configuration, programming, and maintenance
  • Referrals to local Web page designers, Windows technicians, and computer vendors and consultants
  • Instant, local tech support. We carry cell phones! When you call you'll get us, not some stranger in a foreign country. We make house calls. And we actually know how to help.
  • LARIAT is the only ISP serving Laramie that is:
    • Locally owned
    • Locally operated
    • Locally involved (we offer free hosting and e-mail to
      community groups)
    • Not a franchise or chain, and
    • Actively involved in local business development
Call 307-761-2895 or e-mail Brett for more information about these or related services. We're always happy to address your unique requirements.